Having exclusive privileges, a Mastercard World Elite holder automatically becomes a participant in charity programs

Eurasian Bank together with Mastercard officially presented the first Mastercard World Elite metal card in Central Asia. The presentation was held as part of the tournament at the Zhailau Golf Club.

“In fact, Mastercard World Elite is exclusive not only in the Kazakhstan market, but also in the entire Central Asian region,” Yerlanbek Kappar, Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank, said during the event.

This fact was confirmed by Rafal Tripka, Mastercard General Manager for Central Asia.  He stressed that it is a super-premium card, which implies many different benefits, especially important for those customers who spend most of their time on business trips and travels.

“This is the first card that guarantees a quick, easy, safe customer journey,” Rafal Trapka indicated, “and Eurasian Bank, as always, is keeping up with the trends by incorporating the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) element of philanthropy into this product”.

The new card holder, in addition to receiving exclusive privileges from Mastercard, automatically becomes a member of charitable programs. In particular, 1% of each customer transaction is transferred to the Heart Center Endowment Fund or to the I Am Part Of International Social Fund, founded by philanthropist Shukhrat Ibragimov.

At the same time on the websites of both funds you can read their strategies and view a detailed report on where and for what purposes the received funds are directed, the banker explained. The Bank also informs the customer how much money was spent on charity and to whom exactly the targeted assistance was given.

“However, I would like to specify that our customers contribute to charity not at the expense of their own funds, but simply by actively using their cards, respectively, the Bank gives them extra bonuses, in other words, cash-backs, a fifth of which is then sent to the fund,” said the Private Banking Managing Director Tatiana Kurzhey.

Today Eurasian Bank offers the highest cashback compared to other financial institutions of Kazakhstan – at the rate of 5%. Based on the turnovers in the accounts of the customers of this segment, on average, the amount of a single transaction can be up to 200 thousand tenge, she said. It is obvious that P2P transfers cannot be recognized as transactions.

In addition to profitable bonuses, holders of elite cards are offered higher limits on withdrawals from ATMs, including abroad, added Tatiana Kurzhey.

“This is probably the first time in Kazakhstan that Mastercard World Elite is not just a multi-currency card, but a six-bin card, which means that each currency (we have the US dollar, euro, British pound, Chinese yuan, Russian ruble, Kazakh tenge) has its own bin. That is, the conversion is not made through the tenge, as in standard cards, but directly, bypassing the cross-rates“, said the Managing Director. She also said that in the near future two more currencies will be added to the six listed – the Turkish lira and the Emirati dirham.

Customers are also provided with unique travel insurance privileges, said Yerlanbek Kappar, Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank.

“If the customer travels abroad and pays by Mastercard World Elite for his “steps”  – flight, hotel accommodation, going to restaurants, cab ride, etc. – then he has this entire journey insured, from health issues to loss of luggage and personal belongings,” explained the banker.

The metal card holders also have free access to Lounge Key, CIP and business lounges, he added.

“Since the card is elite, it is issued in limited numbers – only 500-700 units across Kazakhstan,” said Tatiana Kurzhey. According to her, Mastercard World Elite is made of a certain type of steel using a special technology abroad, and then delivered to Kazakhstan.

Currently, Mastercard World Elite is available in two colors – red and blue, and has a unique design, embodying the masculine and feminine. “The masculine is embodied in the rigor of the geometric proportions of the triangle. Whereas the feminine is translated through the image of the circle – integral, harmonious and preserving energy”, clarified the Eurasian Bank Managing Director.

Thus, the graphic solution on the card symbolizes, on the one hand, sustainability and aspiration towards the goal, on the other hand, integrity and creation.

“The front side shows only the name of the holder himself, engraved by hand. Whereas the card number and other customer data are on the back, which is unusual,” said Tatiana Kurzhey.

Moreover, if traditionally the Mastercard logo consisted of two circles – orange and red, in this case it changes its hue to silver, symbolizing status and success.  

“At the same time all members of the Eurasian Diamond Club, as well as participants of the golf tournament who won prizes and have already received gift certificates for the card, can become holders of the new card,” said Yerlanbek Kappar, Deputy CEO of Eurasian Bank.

In turn, Tatiana Kurzhey notified that the first batch of Mastercard World Elite is expected within a month, and the pre-order is being formed. Among the first cardholders, gift certificates in the amount of 1 million tenge or more will be raffled off in the Bank partner network.

“We always focus on customers and understand that this is a certain contingent of people, usually conservative and confident, who prefer to hold everything in their hands, including the new metal card from Eurasian Bank,” summarized the Private Banking Managing Director .