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at Eurasian Bank! This is not only banking, but also

private capital management, investment and consulting.

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As part of the PRIVATE BANKING, we offer personal solutions for preserving, efficiently using and increasing capital, accompanying our customers in the areas of investment, taxation, insurance and non-financial issues, guided by the principles of confidentiality, trust and high class service.

Managing Director

Kurzhey Tatiana

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new era in private banking and wealth management…

Individual approach

Personal banking

Personal Manager is your personal consultant and assistant in prompt solution of any financial issue.

Private Banking

Solving your issues with the help of

bank financial instruments



Это эксклюзивные услуги, преимущества и привилегии, созданные специально для вас
Преимущества карт:
  • - Финансовая независимость по всему миру с 6-ю валютами
  • - Международный сертификат страхования
  • - Круглосуточный Консьерж-сервис
  • - Специальные предложения от партнеров по всему миру
  • – Flexible and attractive rates and terms.
  • – Highly reliable and stable money saving.

A bank deposit certificate is a non-issue registered security that certifies its holder’s right to receive, upon expiration of its circulation period, the nominal value and remuneration in the amount established by the terms of the agreement.

The interest rate is higher than on a deposit, which makes it possible to receive more income from the placement of funds.

Bullion as an investment instrument means high liquidity.

Purchase and sale of such gold is not subject to VAT, which significantly increases its investment attractiveness.


Private Exclusive
Special Loan

Private Exclusive benefits:

  • – available for individuals and corporates;
  • – maximum credit limit;
  • – flexible repayment schedule;
  • – a loan up to 84 months;
  • – interest rates approved individually.


We value our customer time and help make the life

more comfortable.

Corporate financing and servicing

Financing and servicing your companies from cash desk to lending.

24/7 access

Storage of money, securities, jewelry, documents and other customer valuables in safety deposit boxes of a relevant size with 24/7 access.

currency conversion

Getting a preferential conversion rate through your Personal Manager or remotely on


We support you in solving the following issues:



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subsidiaries and our partners, which will allow you

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Управляющий Директор

Куржей Татьяна Евгеньевна

Персональное обслуживание — это эксклюзивный банковский сервис, предполагающий индивидуальный подход, комплексную работу, качество, скорость и конфиденциальность в эффективном управлении вашими финансами.


Наступила новая эра в сфере частного банковского обслуживания и управления капиталом. Следующее десятилетие станет периодом значительной цифровой трансформации и трансформации поколений.


Тем не менее, личное взаимодействие с клиентами всегда будет необходимо, поэтому мы всегда рядом с вами и поддерживаем в реализации ваших инвестиционных планов, обеспечивая надежное и эффективное управление вашими активами.


Наш приоритет — строить отношения на основе доверия, уважения и честности с перспективой создания прочных и долговременных связей.


Вместе с вами мы создаем новые традиции в культуре персонального обслуживания.

Managing Director

Kurzhey Tatiana

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new era in private banking and wealth management. This decade is a period of significant digital and generational transformation.


However, personal interaction with customers is essential at all times. We are always nearby to support you in the implementation of your investment plans, ensuring reliable and efficient management of your assets.


Our priority is to build up relationship based on trust, respect and honesty with the prospect of nurturing strong and long-term ties.


Together with You, we create new traditions in the personal service culture.